Designing the world's
highest performing houses

Designing the world's
highest performing houses
with natural materials

Natural Materials

The Pure House is born from the same model that brought you “Farm to Table” food and the reason why you shop at your local farmer’s market. You want to know that the ingredients are pure and natural and good for you. In our houses, we use materials like wool straight from the farm for insulation. Our buildings do not include any of the known toxins on the Google Red List

A recent Harvard study has found that indoor air quality has a direct effect on your level of cognitive function. In a Pure House, your environment is pure so your mind can be clear.

Built by Douglas Mcdonald

Douglas Mcdonald  lives in a ‘certified passive house’, one of the first of its kind in the country. He is creating iconic country homes that utilize the best building standards from around the world to construct homes that are efficient and luxurious.

Working with his team of designers and manufacturers throughout the northeast, Douglas designs Pure House living spaces which are built to exceed even the newest energy codes being adopted in the United States.

The Pure House Lifestyle

The Pure House maximizes comfort while minimizing or even eliminating its energy footprint. Heating and cooling, primary energy demand, airtightness and thermal demand are regulated through systems like thermal window and door insulation, a fresh air exchange system, whole house water filtration and chemical-free practices. Additional energy-saving features include energy-efficient appliances, no-irrigation landscaping, and an electric charging station for your Tesla, and other electric cars.

The Pure House is a smart, conscious lifestyle choice that is good for your body and mind.

“My next project will be a Pure House!”

Adam Carolla, host of The Adam Carolla Show

Ace on the House Podcast

“When Doug first told us about his home over a cup of tea at Arogya, we were captivated and couldn’t wait to visit.”

Arogya Organic Teas, Sold in Martha Stewart Cafes

Our Visit to a Passive House

The Pure House in the Wall Street Journal

“Alongside infinity pools and gourmet kitchens, more high-end developers and luxury-home builders are pitching a new amenity: freshly circulated air.”

White House Announces Passive House Initiative

Excerpted from… President Obama has announced a comprehensive plan to bring renewable energy and energy efficiency to households across the U.S.   Among the initiatives just announced is the establishment of a Passive House track by New York State … READ...


Passive House Explained in 90 Seconds

The Pure House is built beyond regular building code requirements, and all the way to Passive House certification if desired.


The Pure House on “Ace on the House” Podcast… AGAIN!

January 17, 2015 and July 24, 2015

Doug McDonald, creator of The Pure House, chats with world-renowned podcaster, Adam Carolla and Ray Oldhafer about his incredible new line of luxury homes. The guys also answer questions about cheap front doors, matching texture, and when to install windows during a renovation… and now, Adam’s plans to build a brand new, super efficient house!  More Here and Now Here

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